Are you Ready to Turn your Passion into Profit?

Have you been wondering how to turn your passion into profit?

Or maybe you started a business to generate extra income but the business is taking more of your time and energy while making little or no money!

If this sounds like your current experience or you would like to start a business but are afraid lest you fall into the experience described, then you are in the right place.

Since 2010 we have been helping individuals turn their passion into profit by articulating what is their passion, packaging it into compelling and irresistible products and promoting it to consistently attract profitable paying clients. After studies and research we discovered that 90% of start ups die before their 3rd birthday and more than 80% of the same die due to cash related issues. This discovery resulted in the creation of  a 5 Step Profit System to support small and growing business (SGB) to generate consistent cash flow and sustainable profits.  Studies show that many entrepreneurs do not earn a salary let alone make a profit.  Our goal is to support 1000 entrepreneurs to generate a revenue of $1m a year within 3 years or less by 2017 as part of our contribution to Sustainable Development Goals # 1 reduce poverty (wealth and abundance for all in PassionProfit language) and SDG8, Decent Work and Economic Growth. This will be done via direct mentorship of the entrepreneur and his or her team using a blended, adult learning strategies as well as providing access to 3rd Party Consultants (Legal, HR, Marketing, Finance, Research etc.) for needed technical assistance and access to finance via our financial institution partners like Barclays Bank (100m unsecured for enterprises that qualify), and Gulf African Bank secured loans.

Many entrepreneurs spend  a lot of time, energy and money doing what they can to make more money but end up spinning their wheels with little or no results (cash in their pockets or profits in the businesses to show for it).  Our 5 Step Profit System includes:

  1. Consistent lead strategies. For a long time business owners have believed that referrals and word of mouth are king when it comes to generating leads.  Granted referrals are great but they are also unpredictable and unreliable. Our 5 step profit system has 8 lead generation strategies that can generate qualified leads for you while you sleep for little or no money! And you will only need 2 or 3 depending on your products and services and target audience.
  2. A Conversion Equation Formula designed to create compelling and irresistible messages that give you a market dominating position that will make you stand out and the preferred choice in your target market.
  3. Pricing Strategies: Many business owners struggle with pricing their services and are victims of discount begging prospects and clients.  When you price according to your value, have a strategic conversion process, it makes it very hard for prospects to seek discounts because they see you in a new light and no longer compare you with others because you now stand apart from other existing businesses.
  4. Generate More Transactions:  If you want to make more money you have to increase your transactions and our strategies are designed to get you more transactions with existing clients and new clients meaning more profits!
  5. Profitable Business Model – our financial modelling process ensures your activities and resources are optimized for profitable productivity.

Here is a short VIDEO of some of our clients and SOME MORE INFORMATION ON OUR SERVICES.

The number one reason why many passions do not turn into profit is creating something no one wants.  Passionpreneurs are obsessed with their passions with little or no attention to marketing dynamics.  Instead of figuring it all out by yourself  why not trust us to help you discover what your passion is and how you can package it into irresistible products and services that will compel and attract profitable paying clients? We believe that everyone is here for a PURPOSE and that PASSION is the fuel that drives that PURPOSE into PROFIT!

Our Business Mentoring Coaches have over 60 years combined experience and education across sectors (retail, hospitality, tours, travel, events, services general, imports and exports)  and geographies (USA, Africa, UK and Japan).  Our Founder, Frida A. Owinga has developed  strategies and processes that are simple, practical and applicable to help our clients to generate consistent cash flow out of their passion so that they can integrate life and work for enjoyable living.

To experience working with us join us at Founders Conversation held every Thursday at 8:30am to 9:30am  and gain insights and strategies to help you turn your passion into profit no matter the stage or style of your business.  The event is FREE CLICK HERE TO REGISTER or send an email to

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If you Believe YOU CAN, indeed you can and we CAN SUPPORT YOU!