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Frida Owinga ByFrida Owinga

Action breeds Clarity

It’s hard to believe that April is actually here, but it is.

Just the other day we were celebrating the start of the new year.  People had resolutions and aspirations to make 2019 their best year yet.  And maybe you are one of those people and I hope the year continues to carry hope and promise for you.

I had the opportunity and privilege to attend OWIT International Spring Retreat in Washington, DC  in March. I serve as the Vice President-Chapter Development, and my role is to champion new chapters in around the world.  Currently, I am working with Brazil, Mexico, Zimbabwe and Nepal and I am working hard to bring them on board before our annual conference in October, 2019. As I work with these different groups of great women I discovered that Action breeds Clarity.  I remember my conversation with one of the upcoming presidents.  They were excited but apprehensive about how the process would unfold as she had never led such an initiative but as we continued engaging we started finding different options of how an OWIT chapter could work in her country, as well as how she could position it for strategic partnerships and add more value to members in her country and in the global network, something she hadn’t quite seen at the onset of the process.

On every call we have gained more clarity as she has shared the steps she is taking as well as her fears and apprehensions.  We have celebrated the progress and found ways to overcome the fear which has been a set of steps she has had to take.

As a business coach, I meet people regularly who feel stuck due to lack of clarity. They book a coaching session because they need clarity and I have discovered that despite the absence of clarity there is always a place to start which often involves an action step and when that action is taken, clarity always sets in!

Where are you feeling stuck currently?

What was the last thing you felt like doing but stopped because you felt unsure or unclear?

Why did you stop? and can you go back and take the step,  no matter how small it seems in the bigger scheme of things?

When you feel stuck find a starting point and take the next step or find help.  You can book a complimentary breakthrough session with me here