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Your one SURE SECURITY in an ever changing business environment

Are you looking forward to Easter Weekend like I am? The thought of having a long weekend to do as I please is really exciting and refreshing at the same time. May it be happy, refreshing and fun for you and your loved ones.

Last week I had a serious reality check coupled with mixed emotions when I was invited by two different companies to do a presentation on how to support some of their employees who were being laid off. They invited me because I help people turn their passion into profit and since the job market was saturated with job seekers, they felt granting their out-placed employees a business coaching package would be of great value.

So I was glad for the opportunity to serve but also sad for the out-placed employees because they didn’t know yet what cooking in the boardroom.

Friends, this is the reality we live in today. I have seen the jog shrinking trend increase and I share this not to scare you but to prepare you whether employed or self employed to always keep your PASSION sharpened in readiness to contribute value. In today’s saturated job market one earns based on the value they contribute towards a given vision. Become very intentional about sharpening your PASSION consistently because no matter what happens in the business environment if you have articulated and packaged your PASSION into a Profitable Brand you can always make a profit.

That is why I prepared the FREE webinar happening tomorrow “5 Essentials of Building a Profitable Brand” at 8:30 am (EAT) and if you have not signed up, hurry up and do so TODAY BY CLICKING HERE 

I have discovered that LIKES are great only paying clients drive PROFIT. Join me and discover  the essentials of building a profitable brand whether you are employed or self employed.

Have a productive week and I hope to see you tomorrow at the FREE WEBINAR.

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24 Hours is ALL you get, so what are you going to do about it?

We all wish we had more than 24 hours a day but the truth is 24 hours a day is all we going to get in this life. However, there is a way you can “create more time”….please read on and find out how….

Many human beings desire more hours in a day and skip important tasks and activities siting lack of time as an excuse which is extremely sad because if you do not have to time to do the things that matter, what you do will soon cease to matter. If you find yourself procrastinating due to lack of time this is for you…

One way to “create more time” is to audit the tasks and activities that are currently taking up your time to see if they are supporting your vision and goals.

A vision is a clear mental image of a preferable future. This mental image refers to the impact and influence you would like to have now and in future.

A goal is a clear target with a timeline. For instance, I would like to support 1000 or more business owners to generate $1m in revenue in my lifetime. Yeah, a lofty goal indeed, because I really want to support as many people as I can to create meaningful work for themselves and others. I am tired of hearing all kinds of reasons why owning a business is hard or why people aren’t making money because of the economy or environment. All these are excuses, because if there is anyone making money, where those excuses exist, then the excuse is a LIE.

The good news is, hard is not impossible and my favorite Book says people perish for lack of knowledge. Human beings are created to overcome hardships not succumb to them with excuses. I have come to believe that HARDNESS=IGNORANCE which is great because knowledge can be acquired, if we simply humble ourselves and ask for HELP!

Back to helping you create more time. Here are 5 simple ways to get you started!

  1. Do a task and activity audit to see if your tasks and activities are supporting the achievement of your vision.
  2. Determine which tasks and activities only YOU must do in order to achieve your vision.
  3. Delegate tasks and activities which must be done but can be done by someone else and find that someone. Caution: They will never do it like you, so do not go out looking for another you, because this will not work!
  4. Design a S.Y.S.T.E.M. to ensure it gets done. The acronym S.Y.S.T.EM. stands for Save Yourself Time Money and Energy. A system is a step by step process of getting things done which can be measured and improved to optimize performance and productivity.
  5. DO it today! OK! Start the process today! You may not do all 5 items today but at least start today….

Do you wish you had more time to market your products and services? Join me on April 16th, 2019 for a FREE WEBINAR and get 5 ways to Build a Profitable Brand that will increase your Independence, Influence, Impact and Income! Independence = More time!

Otherwise, let me know which areas have you been procrastinating because you do not have ENOUGH time… or wish you had MORE TIME?

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Action breeds Clarity

It’s hard to believe that April is actually here, but it is.

Just the other day we were celebrating the start of the new year.  People had resolutions and aspirations to make 2019 their best year yet.  And maybe you are one of those people and I hope the year continues to carry hope and promise for you.

I had the opportunity and privilege to attend OWIT International Spring Retreat in Washington, DC  in March. I serve as the Vice President-Chapter Development, and my role is to champion new chapters in around the world.  Currently, I am working with Brazil, Mexico, Zimbabwe and Nepal and I am working hard to bring them on board before our annual conference in October, 2019. As I work with these different groups of great women I discovered that Action breeds Clarity.  I remember my conversation with one of the upcoming presidents.  They were excited but apprehensive about how the process would unfold as she had never led such an initiative but as we continued engaging we started finding different options of how an OWIT chapter could work in her country, as well as how she could position it for strategic partnerships and add more value to members in her country and in the global network, something she hadn’t quite seen at the onset of the process.

On every call we have gained more clarity as she has shared the steps she is taking as well as her fears and apprehensions.  We have celebrated the progress and found ways to overcome the fear which has been a set of steps she has had to take.

As a business coach, I meet people regularly who feel stuck due to lack of clarity. They book a coaching session because they need clarity and I have discovered that despite the absence of clarity there is always a place to start which often involves an action step and when that action is taken, clarity always sets in!

Where are you feeling stuck currently?

What was the last thing you felt like doing but stopped because you felt unsure or unclear?

Why did you stop? and can you go back and take the step,  no matter how small it seems in the bigger scheme of things?

When you feel stuck find a starting point and take the next step or find help.  You can book a complimentary breakthrough session with me here

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Are New Year’s Resolutions Overrated?

Howdy! Howdy! To perk things up, I have created a banner for my weekly email and added it to PassionProfit’s Founders Channel Brand. To help you keep track of the weekly insights and strategies to build a thriving business look out for this sign and if you would like it in your mail box every Monday, SIGN UP HERE

So do you think Resolutions are Overrated? I don’t and I’d really like us to give Resolutions a chance and not throw them out totally with the proverbial bath water!

As long as I remember, the beginning of the year has been a time of RESOLUTIONS. Some people get RESULTS out of their RESOLUTIONS and others do not. I have chosen to always make a resolution that will add value to my community. And this year, I am running a FREE online course to help small and growing business owners kick start profit! It started today and if you would like to jump in and catch up here is your last chance….SIGN UP HEREI have over 200 people signed up already and they also become the first members of my exclusive closed mastermind group of Profit Kick Starters. SIGN UP NOW OR WAIT TILL THE NEXT TIME I OPEN UP THE COMMUNITY.

I believe RESOLUTIONS can bring REMARKABLE RESULTS and here are 5 steps you can follow to enable you experience and enjoy remarkable results from your resolutions all year round. The dictionary describes RESOLUTION as

  1. a formal expression of opinion or intention made, usually after voting, by a formal organization, a legislature, a club, or other group. Compare concurrent resolution, joint resolution.
  2. the act of resolving or determining upon an action, course of action, method, procedure, etc.
  3. a resolve; a decision or determination:

So you see, resolutions are great. Just because they did not yield results for others doesn’t mean they are bad, it only means they are part of a process and if you follow the process you will enjoy the results. So here is a 5 Step Process for experiencing REMARKABLE RESULTS from RESOLUTIONS.

  1. Define what you want to achieve in 2019 in your life and business or at any other time of resolve.
  2. Determine WHY you must achieve it and what you are going to do to achieve it.
  3. Design tasks and activities to ensure you get the RESULTS you want AND ditch all the REASONS that suggest it won’t work. For instance, if you decide that you want more money, then you must take time to design tasks and activities that will deliver that desire. You need to review the activities of last year, and delete some and add others that will deliver the RESULTS you desire this year. Otherwise you will get the same money or probably less.
  4. Delegate oversight of your resolutions to a trusted peer or professional like a mentor or coach who will hold you accountable. Doing it alone is one way to sabotage yourself.
  5. DO! Yes, do, Take Massive Intentional Action! That 2 letter word “DO” is one of the most powerful words and carries your breakthrough! Do something everyday to get you closer to the results you desire to experience. Dreaming and wishing is great, but ACTION trumps dreams and wishes every time.

Resolutions are a great way to start new beginnings and I pray you get to experience and enjoy Remarkable Results from your Resolutions!

I have resolved to remain committed and dedicated to your Profitability in 2019 & Beyond!

Here’s to a Profitable forever!

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Let’s change the Njaanuary Narrative

Welcome to a Profitable 2019!

365 days to Impact and Influence your world!

For a long time in Kenya, January has been dubbed Njaanuary because of the long holiday stretch which slows business down.  Many make fun of it, others really suffer through it and I have decided to change the narrative this year in line with my commitment and rededication to help people to turn their passion into profit.

So this year to change the narrative from Njaanuary to Joyous January I have prepared a FREE ONLINE COURSE starting every Monday in January 2019 from the  7th! Participants will gain Skills, Strategies, Spiritual Wisdom 7 Tools to generate cash flow and indeed profit. It is on line at your pace and you get access to a private mastermind group to help you remain true to the lessons learned and resolutions made.

You can sign up here before January 5th, 2019.

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Merry Christmas & a Profitable 2019!

It has been a great year and I am extremely grateful to God for connecting us and to you for engaging with me.

No matter how 2018 has been, it is coming to an end and the best you can do for yourself is to take stock of your challenges and celebrations and change gears in anticipation and preparation of a better year ahead. The writer of Proverbs says the path of the just is like a shining light and it shines brighter and brighter. Prov 4:18 That means the just go from strength to strength as opposed to going up and down as society would like you to think. If you remember nothing else I have said this year, please remember you are a product of your choices and decisions NOT your conditions and circumstances. Become very cautious about adopting trending topics that do not align with what you want to experience. Pay close attention to the philosophies you subscribe to and ensure they align with the results you desire! To enjoy success you must transcend normal trends and become a trendsetter not a trend follower!

Well, with that out of the way, I am happy to inform you that our systems are all set to support you in making 2019 your most profitable year yet! We look forward to serving you and welcome you to mark the days and times on your calendar. We have specially curated programs and schedules that will allow you to optimize your limited time, talent and treasure. They are all FREE except the Profit Accelerator Mentorship which requires a monthly monetary registration and is fully loaded to accelerate your profit! Following is the schedule:

  1. Founders Digest – Every Monday at 7:30am you will continue to receive insights and strategies on how to build a thriving business via email, unless there is a special promotion going on. In January, I will share One Strategy to Kick Start your Profit every Monday to help you make 2019 your most profitable year yet!
  2. Founders Advantage – Every Monday at 8:30am you can sign up and join me online for a devotion designed to help founders activate God’s power in their business and life. ENTRY IS FREE AND REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED HERE
  3. Founders Conversation Every Thursday 8:30am-9:30am at Ankole Restaurant, Senteu Plaza, Galana Road, Nairobi or Online. Entry is FREE but registration is required here.
  4. Founders Coaching Thursdays 10am-3pm by appointment online or at Ankole Restaurant at Senteu Plaza on Galana Road Schedule FREE appointment here
  5. Founders Profit Acceleration Mentorship, a state of the art online self paced, business growth mentorship designed with you in mind, kicks off on January 14th, 2019 and you can call me on 0707112002 (calls only during office hours 9am-3:30pm Tues-Thurs & Fridays 12noon)  if you would like more information.
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November is your New Dawn….

For a long time we have been told that INFORMATION IS POWER, and I believed it until recently when I discovered that all the information I have acquired through school, books and programs was not getting me the results I wanted!

That is when I came to the conclusion that INFORMATION IS POTENTIAL POWER but when strategically applied can catalyze TRANSFORMATION.

Just like Apostle Paul told the Romans, be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds…. Transformation takes place when we exchange old thought patterns with new thought patterns that trigger new behaviors that produce NEW RESULTS and BOOM you get a BREAKTHROUGH! A little like the caterpillar who stops crawling and start flying…. transformation is being changed from one form to another form.

This week I will be sharing with our Founders Channel Newsletter  5 MARKETING SHIFTS that will kick-start a marketing revolution in your business.

Here is the first SHIFT and if you would like to receive the remaining five, please subscribe here.

Stop Hoping & Wishing for more customers. Instead get A PREDICTABLE STRATEGY to deliver tangible results that you can experience, measure and increase! A real strategy takes into consideration…

  1. Your Type of Business
  2. Your Location
  3. The current economy
  4. Health of your industry/sector.
  5. YOU – Your education, experience & exposure

As business owners, we hope, wish and pray instead of taking proven logical steps, with the right methods, at the right time, tailored to your specific business to produce the results you want.

Most if not all the information we receive is tailored to a general audience and that is why results vary, some even have a disclaimer at the bottom of the information saying the same.

SUBSCRIBE to our mailing list and get the remaining 4 MARKETING SHIFTS in your mail box or click the following link and Join me live or via video link and get ALL THE 5 MARKETING SHIFTS PLUS my brand new 5 STEP PROFIT STRATEGY designed to help business owners:

  1. Define and Articulate your service offering so that you STAND OUT from the competition.
  2. Package your service offering into IRRESISTIBLE PRODUCTS to ATTRACT ideal prospects who will CONVERT into profitable paying clients.
  3. PRICE YOUR PRODUCTS so that you end the discounting nightmare many small business owners are battling today.
  4. Create a PREDICTABLE MARKETING SYSTEM that will consistently generate LEADS so that you no longer rely on REFERRALS which are great but UNPREDICTABLE.
  5. Design a business model that will deliver your VALUE PROPOSITION to your target audience using the right methods and superstar teams.

Space is limited and registration is required by clicking here. Lets connect on  22.11.2018 in Nairobi or 28.11.2018 in Mombasa or in your email box.

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Random Thoughts for Elevation in Q2

Quarter 2 is here and moving along swiftly. You may be looking back with excitement or regret over the happenings of Quarter 1. Whatever lenses you use, Quarter 2 can be better and greater depending on what you do. Time doesn’t tell anything, it is the actions that you daily execute intentionally, that can create the future you desire. So take action. Always ask yourself….

  1.  Is this the best possible activity I should be engaging in at this time? Not all activity will produce the results you desire, ensure you align your activities to produce results and not just busy-ness.
  2. Is this the best conversation I should be having at this time? If you are the brightest in your circle of friends, you need new friends or stagnation is looming. You can keep the old but ensure you spend more time with people who challenge and inspire you than with people who draw from you.
  3. What can I learn from the past as opposed to staying married to it. The past whether good or bad is your university, learn the lessons, apply the necessary knowledge and keep moving. Addiction to past successes or failures can sabotage your future.

Remove yourself from the 95% average club by consistently challenging your excuses. No matter how valid or justified an excuse is, reciting your excuses will only translate them into your reality! Shift from making excuses into execution so that you can start enjoying RESULTS. You are only PAID for results!

Have a great week ahead and Make Results and not Excuses.

To your Success!
Frida Owinga

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Excuse me, I am not my job title!

When I ask you, who you are? Where do you draw your answer from? Is it your job title? What is it that makes you walk tall? Is your identity all wrapped up in that business card, sleek car,  house allowance, corner office and club membership made available to you by your employer? Or perhaps the investments and business ventures you have?

I’ve met brilliant professionals, who have been reduced to ashes when they were ‘in between jobs’ or have resigned from their jobs to pursue their passion. They’re like sitting ducks for anyone who would love to take a shot at them, intimidated by all who seem to have a job going.  Recently, I had an interesting conversation with a friend, round about where he was at, now that he didn’t have a job.

He needed a business card and I had the task of figuring out what to put on this multi-talented individuals card. I proposed that we do a business card without a title, one that captures the essence of his brand.  Imagine what Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey would give to you for a business card.

We are working at an all encompassing brand that will include  building a personal profile on a blog or website and link his career, family, friends, hobbies, gifts and talents to one brand independent and interdependent with others of like feather.

It’s an eight session self discovery journey that draws hindsight from days gone in school and neighbourhoods you once called home, from experiences and relationships. Insight from reflecting on the mastered skills and opportunities within grasp. Foresight into a possible tomorrow if we harnessed all the potential there in to achieve a vision far bigger than yourself.

Benjamin Luta, PassionProfit Marketing & Branding Expert

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Start Ups: Heroes on Savings

I have been around start up entrepreneurs long enough to say a thing or two about them. I am not talking about the half-hearted fellows who have one leg in business and the other in a job somewhere in the city. I speak of the ones that are running their operations on savings that will run out sometime in the future. They are on a tight budget and will do anything to protect the stash. There is no inflow and they are hoping that the solution you are offering will help them get closer to making their first shilling from the new trade.

I see them hesitate as they pull out their personal cheque books to pay for something I have delivered or promised to deliver to them.

Here are a few insights in dealing with this special breed of soldiers running start ups:

  1. DREAM WITH THEM. Get a grasp of their dream, the reason for the venture and repeat it to them so you are both on the same page >> that will save you time and money
  2. BE GENUINE. Package a solution that meets the genuine need and nothing more>> they will trust you.
  3. IN FOR THE LONG HAUL. Their greater days are ahead of them, walk with them>>they will share their fortunes-networks and sales- with you.
  4. EXTRA MILES. Share your knowledge and experience beyond what they are paying for and make a comrade of them >>They will give you referrals and become your live advertisements.

The odds are against start-up ventures with statistics clearly favoring their failure more than success yet more and more entrepreneurs pour into the business world.

You want a piece of the action? Dream with them, be genuine, be in it for the long haul and do extra miles.

Benjamin Luta, PassionProfit Branding expert