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How do you Measure Success in your Organization?

Most SMEs do not measure how they are doing because in most cases they do not know what to measure.

Having a strategy helps you to understand how your company is doing. A good strategy can inform the following areas and help you perform better as an organization by guiding the actions you take and the results you should expect.

1. Are you achieving your vision and mission?
2. Are you achieving your key objectives?
3. How do you bridge the current situation and the ideal future state?

If you do not have a clear answer to these questions, join the Strategy conversation at a Profit Network Chapter near you. See flier below for details or contact us directly.

Looking forward to bumping into you at a chapter meeting! Until then remember what you treasure you measure and you can only improve on what you measure.

To Your Thriving!

Frida Owinga ByFrida Owinga

Welcome to October 2016!

Welcome to October!

We just had Thrive October Edition with Prof Bitange Ndemo and it was amazing! If you have never attended Thrive, you should make a point to do so before the year runs out. It is the monthly business mentoring and networking forum of PassionProfit.

This Month Prof. Bitange shared on Innovation Strategies to enable organizations remain ahead of the change curve and their competitors.

Some key take outs for me included:

  1. Innovation is not about having ideas but about executing the ideas we have. So look out for my podcast that I have been thinking about all year!
  2. During a brain storming sessions, take all ideas. Ideas have a way of connecting and bringing out a great outcome.
  3. Take the plunge! One cannot learn swimming by reading a manual, you have to get into the water.
  4. You cannot scale up until you standardize. Execute the idea and set standards.
  5. Take time to find out what else your clients are using your products or services for.
  6. We tend to look at opportunities through internal lenses rather than starting with the customers needs and problems thereby killing innovation.
  7. Create an innovation culture in your organization by allowing people to share and try new ideas.

It was amazing. The DVD will be out in a week. Call 0707112002 to book your copy.

To Your Thriving!

Frida Owinga