Why you need Partnerships

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Why you need Partnerships

Being a Founder has its share of challenges and celebrations and you have no business walking alone, that is why we started Founders Day, a day where you can join a conversation with other Founders for insights and strategies to create the life and work you absolutely enjoy!

Listen in to Founders Day –  August 30th, 2018 for 10 REASONS WHY YOU NEED PARTNERSHIPS. (NB: This is a full recording of Founders Day Live at our office, be patient with us as we straighten the kinks!)

A partner is a friend, family member, colleague or peer who is willing to support your dream no strings attached.  O yeah there is that partner investor type person, but as a Founder we invite you to open your mind and think out of the box and enjoy creating a life and work you enjoy.  When we talk about WORK at PassionProfit it is whatever you do to generate an income to fund the lifestyle you enjoy.

Have fun and remember to join us on Thursdays at 8:30am-9:30am EAT from the comfort of your device! EVENT IS FREE AND YOU CAN REGISTER HERE



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Profitable Partnerships

We are privileged to partner with Barclays Bank Business Club to provide mentoring and coaching services to their members. How timely that it came in our month of Profitable Partnerships.

As a Founder walking with others is not an option if you desire MEGA success.  Walking with the “right” others can catapult you into your dreams and desires faster and more comfortably.

A partner is someone or an institution that shares your values and complements your mission.  Partnerships are very much like marriages where one  articulates what they are looking for to support their success and aligns with another who has complementing qualities.

As an organization that seeks to provide access to capital to its community, we partner with financial institutions that are able to complete that piece of the puzzle on our behalf and we are able to provide capacity building for their communities and thus profitable partnerships are formed.

To be a profitable partner, you need to articulate your vision, values and mission so that you can find people and institutions that complement yours. Manage your expectations by expressing what you want and ask questions instead of making assumptions.  Consistent communication is critical for the success of any partnership.

Willingness to adapt and adjust as the two partners get to know each other and experience working together is also crucial.  Both parties should be willing to make it work for the partnership to work.  No part should bully another because of resources or size as each party is important in the success of the entire partnership and delivery of services.

Perfect partners do not exist, perfect conditions exist for a limited time in which partnerships express themselves best. — Wayne Rooney

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Is your Networking Yielding Results?

Happy Monday!

When I speak on networking, one question I am always asked is “when will I get results?”

I find it an interesting question because the answer can be determined by various factors controlled by YOU! Here are some…

  1. Why do you network? When you have no target it will be difficult to measure results.
  2. Are you a member of a network group that is aligned with your networking objectives? You have to know the make up of your networking groups. Are they Consumers, Reporters or Investors. This will help you craft your pitch appropriately. (Refer to last week’s Digest for definitions on the 3)
  3. Do you participate consistently at the groups you are a member in? No matter how good your excuse is for missing a meeting, it can never make up for results. Create time to participate and ensure your prioritize your network meetings. It is part of your marketing strategy. You do not show up, do not expect results!
  4. Do you add value to the members in your networking groups? What goes round, comes around. Expecting something for nothing is a sure recipe for failure.
  5. What is your LQ? (Likablity Quotient) As in do you go out of your way to meet the members one on one? Staying in your comfort zone with people like you is a stealer of greatness. Take the initiative to meet every one in your group and you will enjoy amazing results.

Networking is a process and its activities should be part of your daily routine because your actions will determine your results. When you put in 50% effort and 50% excuses, do not expect a 100% results. Networking success is dependent on you!

To your success and for God’s glory!

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How to Pitch for Profit

Happy Monday!

Thank you for attending Thrive November Edition. If you were not able to attend, here are a few nuggets for you.

Did you know your perception of the pitching process will determine your results? If you think others are better than you andyou are not good enough, you automatically affect the quality of your pitch and self sabotage unconsciously. You are the best person for your product and never forget that.

Think of pitching as a conversation. Every time you are pitching think of it as sharing value to some one who absolutely needs it. Think about it, we are always pitching – trying to get a loved one to do something we want, trying to get people to give you a business or invest in your business. The concept is pretty much the same. At any one time you could be speaking to a Consumer – someone who has a need for your product; A reporter – someone who may not buy your product but can talk about it to people who will be interested to buy and An Investor – someone who can invest their resources into your business.

Take that in and look out for more next week.

To your success and for God’s glory!

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Is the Elevator Pitch Overrated?

Even though I have not heard of any success stories of elevator pitching, I agree there is no harm in having a succinct message for when an opportunity arises.

In Nairobi, the elevators I get into are normally so crowded, that I can’t even imagine pitching to someone in one. Anyway, there are some key pointers on how to pitch so that it is not only natural but also appealing to the person you are pitching to.

This Saturday at Thrive November Edition, I will be speaking on How to Pitch for Profit. What are the main considerations – the Place, the Person, the Purpose, the Pitch and then the Profit. Join me and the Trailblazers Chapter of Profit Network as we share on this very important topic.

See flier below for details or contact us directly.

You can exhibit your products or services too. Join us for an engaging and enlightening time on Saturday 5th, November 2016 at 9am at the Hotel Intercontinental, Nairobi.

To Your Thriving!

Frida Owinga

thrive november 2016

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Are you Ready for more Profit?

Among the many challenges an SME grapples with, is the competition dilemma. No matter the business you start you are likely to encounter competition sooner or later. Competition is not your enemy.  Having a clear understanding of your target audience and the market size can help calm your anxiety.  But because most SMEs do not know how to measure both, they tend to focus on the competition.  With this follows the pleas from clients or your sales reps to slash prices as a solution to the competition dilemma.

I assure you there is another way and a better one.  It may seem longer but in the long run you will enjoy more profits. It is the way of having a strategy.  If done right you will better understand your position and how to play to win.

Join the Strategy conversation at a Profit Network Chapter near you and discover how to deal with the competition dilemma. See flier below for details or contact us directly.

Looking forward to bumping into you at a chapter meeting! Until then remember what you treasure you measure and you can only improve on what you measure.

To Your Thriving!
Frida Owinga



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How do you Measure Success in your Organization?

Most SMEs do not measure how they are doing because in most cases they do not know what to measure.

Having a strategy helps you to understand how your company is doing. A good strategy can inform the following areas and help you perform better as an organization by guiding the actions you take and the results you should expect.

1. Are you achieving your vision and mission?
2. Are you achieving your key objectives?
3. How do you bridge the current situation and the ideal future state?

If you do not have a clear answer to these questions, join the Strategy conversation at a Profit Network Chapter near you. See flier below for details or contact us directly.

Looking forward to bumping into you at a chapter meeting! Until then remember what you treasure you measure and you can only improve on what you measure.

To Your Thriving!

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Welcome to October 2016!

Welcome to October!

We just had Thrive October Edition with Prof Bitange Ndemo and it was amazing! If you have never attended Thrive, you should make a point to do so before the year runs out. It is the monthly business mentoring and networking forum of PassionProfit.

This Month Prof. Bitange shared on Innovation Strategies to enable organizations remain ahead of the change curve and their competitors.

Some key take outs for me included:

  1. Innovation is not about having ideas but about executing the ideas we have. So look out for my podcast that I have been thinking about all year!
  2. During a brain storming sessions, take all ideas. Ideas have a way of connecting and bringing out a great outcome.
  3. Take the plunge! One cannot learn swimming by reading a manual, you have to get into the water.
  4. You cannot scale up until you standardize. Execute the idea and set standards.
  5. Take time to find out what else your clients are using your products or services for.
  6. We tend to look at opportunities through internal lenses rather than starting with the customers needs and problems thereby killing innovation.
  7. Create an innovation culture in your organization by allowing people to share and try new ideas.

It was amazing. The DVD will be out in a week. Call 0707112002 to book your copy.

To Your Thriving!

Frida Owinga

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What is Speed Networking?

Happy Monday!

As we come to the end of the Entrepreneurs Chat in the Profit Network chapters, I hope you have learnt some useful tips that you are now implementing in your businesses.

We are closing this discussion with an exciting moment at Thrive where you will get to not only Speed Network but also exhibit your products and services.

If you are looking for a place to network with other business owners, exhibit and sell your products or services then join us for Thrive on 2nd July, 2016.

Speed Networking is an activity that allows you to meet a lot of business owners in a fixed amount of time. You usually have two or three minutes to talk to your networking partner and then a whistle blows and it’s time to switch.

The biggest benefit when Speed Networking is that you’re guaranteed to meet more people than you typically would using traditional networking during the same amount of time. In order to maximize this opportunity it is important to come prepared. Below are some tips on how to prepare well:

  1. Bring enough business cards: You’ll use a lot of cards during the speed networking portion of the event but you may meet someone during speed networking that might introduce you to other people after the speed networking is over. This happens to me practically every time I’ve done speed networking.
  1. Have some water before the session to wet and freshen your mouth because your mouth will get dry. I also highly recommend a trip to the restroom right before the speed networking begins. You don’t want to miss making a connection because you needed to take a bathroom break.
  1. Stay away from people you know: The purpose of speed networking is to meet new people. I recently attended an event with two of my best friends and we each sat apart from each other so that we wouldn’t end up paired up with each other during the event. If you can, find out before you sit down how people will move so that you can ensure that you’ll be talking to people you don’t already know.
  1. Speak loudly: When you have conversations going on three inches away on both sides of you, it can be hard to hear your partner so speak loudly and clearly. Lean in if you have to and let the other person know if you can’t hear them.
  1. Stick around until the very end: Networking beforehand helps you meet some of the people in the room so you can make recommendations to people during the event. But during the speed networking portion, you’ll meet people that you’ll want to follow up with afterwards and you might want to introduce some of the people you met during the speed networking portion to each other. Everyone is loosened up and more approachable and the people that are left tend to be more serious about making connections

Speed Networking is an interesting experience and I’m sure you won’t regret it. You will also get an opportunity to exhibit your products and services alongside the networking so you can sell them too. So get your ticket today for Thrive! Call 0707112002 or email info@passiontoprofit for more details.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday at Thrive!

To your Thriving!

Frida Owinga

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Random Thoughts for Elevation in Q2

Quarter 2 is here and moving along swiftly. You may be looking back with excitement or regret over the happenings of Quarter 1. Whatever lenses you use, Quarter 2 can be better and greater depending on what you do. Time doesn’t tell anything, it is the actions that you daily execute intentionally, that can create the future you desire. So take action. Always ask yourself….

  1.  Is this the best possible activity I should be engaging in at this time? Not all activity will produce the results you desire, ensure you align your activities to produce results and not just busy-ness.
  2. Is this the best conversation I should be having at this time? If you are the brightest in your circle of friends, you need new friends or stagnation is looming. You can keep the old but ensure you spend more time with people who challenge and inspire you than with people who draw from you.
  3. What can I learn from the past as opposed to staying married to it. The past whether good or bad is your university, learn the lessons, apply the necessary knowledge and keep moving. Addiction to past successes or failures can sabotage your future.

Remove yourself from the 95% average club by consistently challenging your excuses. No matter how valid or justified an excuse is, reciting your excuses will only translate them into your reality! Shift from making excuses into execution so that you can start enjoying RESULTS. You are only PAID for results!

Have a great week ahead and Make Results and not Excuses.

To your Success!
Frida Owinga