Excuse me, I am not my job title!

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Excuse me, I am not my job title!

When I ask you, who you are? Where do you draw your answer from? Is it your job title? What is it that makes you walk tall? Is your identity all wrapped up in that business card, sleek car,  house allowance, corner office and club membership made available to you by your employer? Or perhaps the investments and business ventures you have?

I’ve met brilliant professionals, who have been reduced to ashes when they were ‘in between jobs’ or have resigned from their jobs to pursue their passion. They’re like sitting ducks for anyone who would love to take a shot at them, intimidated by all who seem to have a job going.  Recently, I had an interesting conversation with a friend, round about where he was at, now that he didn’t have a job.

He needed a business card and I had the task of figuring out what to put on this multi-talented individuals card. I proposed that we do a business card without a title, one that captures the essence of his brand.  Imagine what Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey would give to you for a business card.

We are working at an all encompassing brand that will include  building a personal profile on a blog or website and link his career, family, friends, hobbies, gifts and talents to one brand independent and interdependent with others of like feather.

It’s an eight session self discovery journey that draws hindsight from days gone in school and neighbourhoods you once called home, from experiences and relationships. Insight from reflecting on the mastered skills and opportunities within grasp. Foresight into a possible tomorrow if we harnessed all the potential there in to achieve a vision far bigger than yourself.

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Waindi RichardPosted on1:57 pm - Aug 24, 2016

Lovely piece to read! The life experience defines quite a number of many today, I included. I would delight to have a chat some day.

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