Business Mentoring Day

Every Thursday is Business Mentoring day or Founders Day at PassionProfit, a day for founders to access FREE business mentoring and networking from  8:30am-9:30am. You can sign up HERE

For stopping by, you deserve to be rewarded, get a FREE Business Profit Assessment($180 Value) and a one session with a Business Growth Mentor on Thursdays 10am-3pm (EAT) only.  First come, first served basis.

Our business growth mentoring provides emerging and existing business owners with…

  1. A safe Environment to vent, discuss, explore, and design breakthrough interventions for business challenges.
  2. Experienced Business Growth Mentors who are also founders and knowledgeable of the business landscape, strategies and systems.
  3. Expert 3rd Party Consultants who can handle specific business areas for critical business success, e.g. Accounts, HR, legal, marketing, research, strategy, website developers, etc.
  4. Emotional Intelligence support (EIs). Often times, founders are bogged down with difficult decisions and proceed in fear and/or doubt. EIs is designed to foster a winning founders mindset, deal with self limiting beliefs and develop behaviors that drive winning results.

To determine if our programs are a good fit for you, please join us on Thursday for a Founders Conversation  or Book a 20 minute Business Health Assessment with a Business Mentor on 

We love hearing from you and The best way to reach us is via email us at or