Founders Day

Every Thursday is Business Mentoring day or Founders Day at PassionProfit, a day for founders to access FREE business mentoring and networking from  8:30am-9:30am. You can sign up HERE

Our business growth mentoring provides emerging and existing business owners with…

  • A safe Environment to vent, discuss, explore and design breakthrough interventions for business challenges. .
  • Experienced Business Growth Mentors who are also founders and knowledgeable of the business landscape, strategies and systems.
  • Expert 3rd Party Consultants who can handle specific business areas for critical business success, e.g. Accounts, HR, legal, marketing, research, strategy, website developers, etc.
  • Emotional Intelligence support (EIs). Often times, founders are bogged down with difficult decisions and proceed in fear and/or doubt. EIs is designed to foster a winning founders mindset, deal with self limiting beliefs and develop behaviors that drive winning results.

To determine if our programs are a good fit for you, please join us on Thursday for a Founders Conversation  or Book a 20 minute STRATEGY CALL with a Business Mentor to discuss a burning issue.

We love hearing from you and The best way to reach us is via email us at or