You can have the greatest business that provides the best products and services, however, without visibility no one will know it exists. Visibility is like advertising but MORE. It helps promote your business, attract qualified leads and builds you a pool of ready buyers unlike social media likes who follow you and rarely make a purchase.

Here are 4 reasons why visibility is critical and why you should join the Founders Visibility Challenge to create an online and offline visibility strategy. It is designed to help you...


Get Attention of Your Ideal Audience and Stand Out as an Expert in Your Niche. This starts by carefully taking you through a process of identifying a "winning offer" that's aligned with your product and selecting the perfect name for it.


Build Your Audience on social media AND Email List at the Same Time: You’ll start seeing results quickly by following a step-by-step plan to set up a HOME BASE (your community of qualified leads). Just imagine your social media numbers growing and seeing your email list grow by hundreds of hot leads.


Engage Your Audience! This is where an online Challenges Program really delivers! Because you will be guided through every little component of crafting your online and offline visibility strategy the right way... so it positions you as an AUTHORITY, showcases your EXPERTISE, and continually ENGAGES your audience in a FUN way that helps them get real RESULTS. Your leads will rave about you. This is exactly how it's possible to go from being the best kept secret to the "overnight stardom."


Design Content that Makes People Want to Buy. Yes, you read that right. Content is as much a sales tool as a sales page or pitch, because if you demonstrate you can clearly craft ideas into content that helps people get results, you'll earn the trust of your leads for life. In this program, you’ll also learn WHY you must deliver your content via certain media, and WHAT exactly to write so your content is valuable, but doesn't take away from your core offers. You get step-by-step HOW to make it happen.

Articulate your Value Proposition to position you for Profitable Partnerships. Today many agree that you can go further with others yet continue to strive on their own. In this program, you’ll learn HOW to find organizations that can make compatible partners and WHAT you must look for and say, without taking away from your core offer or starting something new so that you are both profitable. The same strategies we used to get partnerships with 4 financial institutions.

Discover from the comfort of your device (online)

Visibility is one of the most critical skills a small business owner needs to succeed, but it doesn’t always come naturally. In this online challenge, we’ll explain several winning techniques for prospecting, selling and closing that work in any industry. You will discover how to


Build lasting relationships while providing your target audience with consistent value online and offline.


Position yourself in the 3 visibility platforms of search, display and video.


Build a system to Attract, Convert & Retain qualified leads that will turn into profitable paying clients.


Filter out suspects and invest time and energy on qualified leads.

Create a 3 Tier Offer Rule to increase your revenue without starting a new business.


What People said about Previous Online Training

Shelmith Mugoh

Excellently packaged & delivered. One of my best lessons, never ask a customer how much do you want to pay me.

Christine Masinde

All units were very information and its like they were made for me and my business.

Benjamin Webi

The training disrupted how I think about marketing that people care more about price than value

Mellen Akinyi

The modules were easy, relevant and very insightful

Wanjugu Gichuru

All the units were relevant for me and I am definitely going to put into practice all I have learnt.

Julie Muriuki

So happy I signed up and I am already applying the lessons in my business.

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