How to Stay on the Winning Track

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How to Stay on the Winning Track

As we start the last stretch of January, I trust you are keeping well and still energized to make this year a WINNING year.
You decision will determine your action steps and eventually your outcome.
Some ways to stay on track…
  1. Surround yourself with people who have similar aspirations that you can support and can support you in achieving your goals. Don’t expect this support from people without discussing and agreeing on parameters of engagement.
  2.  Read books, articles and listen to content that will enlighten you towards achieving your goals. Intentionally set time aside to read and apply what you are learning.
  3. Join a network.  One activity I wish I engaged more in as I grew up is networking. Networking is not exchanging business cards at every opportunity. In actual fact I am very stingy with mine. Networking is cultivating relationships. It is work. It  requires you defining what you want to achieve and then aligning your networking activities with that goal. For instance if you desire to start your own business, find networking events where business owners go and choose who to cultivate relationships with.
  4.  Get some R & R.  Working everyday of the week will not get you to achieve your goals faster.  It might even slow you down as your mental capacity will be diminished. Carve out time for rest and restoration. What do you enjoy doing besides work?  Spend time with friends doing non-business related activities. it will help you have new and fresh perspectives.
  5.  Finally Commit your works to the Lord so shall your plans succeed.
This year God will elevate you beyond your wildest imaginations.
In His Service,
Frida Owinga

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