Mentoring & Coaching

Many people start business to generate extra income to provide for the lifestyle they dream about. Unfortunately, many end up trapped by the same business that is supposed to give them the liberty to spend their time and money as they wish.  After working with small and growing business owners for over 20 years, we keep evolving to align with the business owners dynamic needs and demands by providing practical and applicable strategies to generate consistent cash flow.

Our profit acceleration mentorship equips and empowers individuals to increase their independence, influence, impact and income. We recognize that different people learn in different ways and have different needs which has informed the design of our blended program which is delivered as follows:

Step 1: A one one one online assessment, which helps us diagnose where you are and if you qualify to join our program please  CLICK HERE to access it. At the end of the assessment there is a link to book an appointment and if you qualify, you meet with a business mentoring coach to better understand your needs and design the way forward.

Step 2: On boarding to suitable program

Step 3: Action steps and Assignments bases on Step 2.

Step 4: Bi Weekly meetings with a Business mentoring coach.  The meetings are advisory and accountability sessions where you get advice on what you should do and at the same time give and receive feedback.

Step 5: Monitoring and Evaluation.  Because we have a goal of mentoring 1000 businesses to generate $1m revenue annually in 3 years, participants are required to submit specific information every month towards the measurement of this goal as well as impact of the company.

Step 6: Celebration of Impact!

If you would like to know how to generate consistent cash flow and profit, it starts with the online assessment by CLICKING HERE or send an email to

Working hard with little or no profit to show for it can be frustrating, let us help you figure it out using our 7 Step Profit Methodology.