Start Ups: Heroes on Savings

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Start Ups: Heroes on Savings

I have been around start up entrepreneurs long enough to say a thing or two about them. I am not talking about the half-hearted fellows who have one leg in business and the other in a job somewhere in the city. I speak of the ones that are running their operations on savings that will run out sometime in the future. They are on a tight budget and will do anything to protect the stash. There is no inflow and they are hoping that the solution you are offering will help them get closer to making their first shilling from the new trade.

I see them hesitate as they pull out their personal cheque books to pay for something I have delivered or promised to deliver to them.

Here are a few insights in dealing with this special breed of soldiers running start ups:

  1. DREAM WITH THEM. Get a grasp of their dream, the reason for the venture and repeat it to them so you are both on the same page >> that will save you time and money
  2. BE GENUINE. Package a solution that meets the genuine need and nothing more>> they will trust you.
  3. IN FOR THE LONG HAUL. Their greater days are ahead of them, walk with them>>they will share their fortunes-networks and sales- with you.
  4. EXTRA MILES. Share your knowledge and experience beyond what they are paying for and make a comrade of them >>They will give you referrals and become your live advertisements.

The odds are against start-up ventures with statistics clearly favoring their failure more than success yet more and more entrepreneurs pour into the business world.

You want a piece of the action? Dream with them, be genuine, be in it for the long haul and do extra miles.

Benjamin Luta, PassionProfit Branding expert

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NoreenPosted on9:20 am - Dec 14, 2015

Would love to hear Benjamin Luta speak. am a business person in Mombasa, started 1 1/2 years ago and would love to learn about cash flow

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