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Frida Owinga ByFrida Owinga

Random Thoughts for Elevation in Q2

Quarter 2 is here and moving along swiftly. You may be looking back with excitement or regret over the happenings of Quarter 1. Whatever lenses you use, Quarter 2 can be better and greater depending on what you do. Time doesn’t tell anything, it is the actions that you daily execute intentionally, that can create the future you desire. So take action. Always ask yourself….

  1.  Is this the best possible activity I should be engaging in at this time? Not all activity will produce the results you desire, ensure you align your activities to produce results and not just busy-ness.
  2. Is this the best conversation I should be having at this time? If you are the brightest in your circle of friends, you need new friends or stagnation is looming. You can keep the old but ensure you spend more time with people who challenge and inspire you than with people who draw from you.
  3. What can I learn from the past as opposed to staying married to it. The past whether good or bad is your university, learn the lessons, apply the necessary knowledge and keep moving. Addiction to past successes or failures can sabotage your future.

Remove yourself from the 95% average club by consistently challenging your excuses. No matter how valid or justified an excuse is, reciting your excuses will only translate them into your reality! Shift from making excuses into execution so that you can start enjoying RESULTS. You are only PAID for results!

Have a great week ahead and Make Results and not Excuses.

To your Success!
Frida Owinga