Your one SURE SECURITY in an ever changing business environment

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Your one SURE SECURITY in an ever changing business environment

Are you looking forward to Easter Weekend like I am? The thought of having a long weekend to do as I please is really exciting and refreshing at the same time. May it be happy, refreshing and fun for you and your loved ones.

Last week I had a serious reality check coupled with mixed emotions when I was invited by two different companies to do a presentation on how to support some of their employees who were being laid off. They invited me because I help people turn their passion into profit and since the job market was saturated with job seekers, they felt granting their out-placed employees a business coaching package would be of great value.

So I was glad for the opportunity to serve but also sad for the out-placed employees because they didn’t know yet what cooking in the boardroom.

Friends, this is the reality we live in today. I have seen the jog shrinking trend increase and I share this not to scare you but to prepare you whether employed or self employed to always keep your PASSION sharpened in readiness to contribute value. In today’s saturated job market one earns based on the value they contribute towards a given vision. Become very intentional about sharpening your PASSION consistently because no matter what happens in the business environment if you have articulated and packaged your PASSION into a Profitable Brand you can always make a profit.

That is why I prepared the FREE webinar happening tomorrow “5 Essentials of Building a Profitable Brand” at 8:30 am (EAT) and if you have not signed up, hurry up and do so TODAY BY CLICKING HERE 

I have discovered that LIKES are great only paying clients drive PROFIT. Join me and discover  the essentials of building a profitable brand whether you are employed or self employed.

Have a productive week and I hope to see you tomorrow at the FREE WEBINAR.

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